PE Wear



FAMMS PE wear will be on sale beginning on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 during Macaw Night and will continue throughout the school year. Once school begins, students will be assigned a PE locker and a combination lock is provided, it is NOT necessary to purchase a lock. If a student prefers to wear non-FAMMS PE clothing, please see the dress policy below.

Dress Policy:

Students are required to dress out for PE every day. Students are expected to wear a plain grey shirt and black shorts without pockets. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times and shorts are to be worn around the waist and above the knees. Additionally, students are required to wear athletic shoes with laces that are tied at all times.

Cold days: Students are allowed to wear a plain gray sweat top and/or black sweat pants without pockets and MUST be worn over PE shirt and shorts. Students are not permitted to wear sweatshirts with hoods, zippers, or pockets.

Jewelry: Cannot be worn out to PE. Students are not allowed to wear jewelry of any kind to promote the safety and well being of all class participants.

Prices for FAMMS PE Wear:

FAMMS PE Package (shirt, shorts, and bag): $25

Shirt: $10

Shorts: $10

Sweatpants: $10

Sweatshirt: $15

Cinch Bag: $8

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